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Ørestad Street Hall

Ørestad Streethal is an architectural gem with lots of potential

There are almost no limits on sports activities to throw yourself into in this 1,700 square meter sports center placed in Ørestaden, the southern part of Copenhagen. But it is not just the sporting facilities that draw people here. The actual building itself also has an impressive architectural appearance and is designed by Nord Architects incorporation with locals.

The sports center is the smallest in an area of tall buildings, but never less its appearance still catches the eye. The building has a wooden look, is composed of five pentagonal parts, and has windows all around, so that it connects the indoor and outdoor activities. It is definitely worth the short train ride to Ørestaden, and while you are here, you should take a walk around and enjoy the beautiful area. Remember to visit 8TALLET (8 House) as well - yet another architectural masterpiece.

The building has received its name Streethal (street center) because it is for both inside and outside activities. The center is unmanned but can be used all round the clock, 24 hours a day by anyone from institutions, groups, unions, and private individuals.