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Café Dan Turell

Café Dan Turèll is one of Copenhagen's oldest French cafes. The story has it Dan Turèll - the famous suburban writer and social critic - made a name for the café in exchange for always drinking and eating for free in his regular spot at the bar. A bar that is also characterized by playing music from the 70s and 80s.

The café in Store Regnegade was opened in 1977 and was inspired by the Parisian bohemian life, which had only just found its way to Copenhagen at the time. Today - just like in the past - you can sit in a relaxed environment and enjoy the life of the city, which constantly swarms past in front of the large windows facing the street.

Café Dan Turèll's guests are a motley crowd. There are both the early goers of the city who just need a quick cup of espresso and a bite of bread on the way to work, while there are also many who take more time and sit and enjoy charcuterie or the famous Chili con carne.

French dishes such as salads and cheeses and other French classics which range from sardines, anchovies, confit de canard, coq au vin and many other options can also be ordered a la carte.