The Bicycle Snake

Copenhagen's iconic cycle bridge, The Bicycle Snake connects the city and transports cyclists across the harbour on an aesthetic ride above the harbour basin.

If you’re planning to take a bicycle trip around Copenhagen (which you should of course), don’t miss out on this fantastic 2014 architectural masterpiece.

From the elevated beginning up on Dybbølsbro bridge, The Bicycle Snake takes you on a fun ride criss-crossing 7 meters above one of the harbour baths in between Fisketorvet Shopping Mall and other buildings down towards the harbour with perfect vistas of the harbour and Copenhagen’s many spires.

Once down at ground level, the bridge connects with Bryggebroen, another bike bridge crossing the harbour. You’ve arrived in Copenhagen’s Islands Brygge after this short but beautiful ride from Vesterbro.

The Bicycle Bridge is yet a perfect example of what puts Copenhagen among the very best bike cities in the world. Its slender design and the experience it offers to cyclists stands out as a perfect contrast to the buildings and concrete between which it passes.