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A. Petersen Collection & Craft

A unique chance to get up close with Danish design. Visit A. Petersen Collection & Craft.  

In an old, former administration building of Mærsk you’ll find store and workshop A. Petersen Collection & Craft. With a focus on Danish design, crafts and Scandinavian furniture design they’ve created a beautiful space for the design lover.

The owners of A. Petersen Collection & Craft also run the gallery Bygning A (Building A), located just above the store.  Throughout both shop and gallery there’s a strict focus on design tradition, and the exploration of form, color, material and function in their design.

The gallery is showing different exhibitions throughout the year. It’s mostly from Danish designers, but every once in a while, they’ll showcase international themes and design, giving a new perspective on the design tradition in Denmark.

Both A. Petersen Collection & Craft and Bygning A is worth the visit if you enjoy design, furniture and a creative outlook on life. The gallery combines their exhibitions with workshops, talks and live music, and invites design lovers of all ages to come visit them.  


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